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Event Proposals Are Like Kissing!
Do Yours Make Your Clients Swoon or Squirm?

I was at an event a couple of years back where the keynote speaker, Sean Stephenson, an incredibly funny and inspirational guy gave a ton of awesome business advice.   But one thing that really stuck in my head over the years was this:   “Sales is like sex & marketing is the seduction process”  …

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How to Use Innovation to Boost Your Event Proposals into the Top 5%

Remember the Event Proposal Hierarchy of Needs? It’s time to look at the very top of the pyramid and see how innovation can transform your event proposals from bland, static presentations to dynamic online experiences.     Fulfilling client requirements, mastering the art of messaging, including the right images and creating unique designs puts you…

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Maximize Event Proposal Sales by Selling to the Heart

As an event prof, you face the challenge of perfecting your proposals so that they jump out at clients and don’t get buried in a stack of competing pitches. Clients are looking to offer memorable experiences to attendees, but most proposals appeal to budgets rather than emotions. How can you show you’re in tune with…

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How to Edit a Proposal After Sending it to a Client

  Ever been caught in that awkward situation when you spot an error in a proposal after you’ve sent it to a client?   You’ve just put the finishing touches on a fantastic proposal for a new client. The job could be a lucrative one and has the potential to open doors to even bigger…

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Are Clients Sharing Your Event Proposals with Your Competitors?

Watch the 1 minute blog post introduction…   Do you know if your prospective client is serious or on a fishing expedition? What’s the worst that could happen by them sharing your pricing with your competitors?   You work hard on your event proposals and expect clients to be honest in dealing with your intellectual…

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How to Win More Clients By Using Images in Your Event Proposals

  As humans, we’ve communicated through images long before written text was ever around.   We’ve come to love images and visualizations. People are attracted to images more than text. And we can process them much faster. As an event planner, you can use this to your advantage and improve the results of your proposals.…

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The 5 Secrets of Event Proposal Messaging

You know a good event planning proposal when you read it.   It has the power to pull you down the page, reading word for word. It engages you. By the time you reach the end, you’re saving the proposal so that you can use it as a template.   In our last post about…

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Guess What? Customizing an Event Proposal is Not Enough!!

    If you think that all you need to do to make your company’s event proposal stand-out is “customize” it, then think again!   I started Perfect Event Proposals after my previous business (a DIY product that I invented & brought to market in the UK, Australia & New Zealand) started becoming completely hands-off.…

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You Need to Know About the Event Proposal Hierarchy of Needs…

Watch this 9 minute presentation or read the transcript below:   Transcript from Video: Hopefully you’ve heard of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’.  If not then it is a theory of human motivation usually depicted in a pyramid like this. Well, In just a second I am going to show you the ‘Event Proposal Hierarcy of…

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